Supplies Sales are back

Its been a whirlwind..

When we decided to carry supplies we wanted to make sure they also had a purpose= so we decided to name them with inspirational, motivational words.

We wanted everyone that got a package from us to know we are rooting for them! You are enough! You are worthy! You can do this!

Somewhere along the way things grew quickly and I wasn’t ready. I lost a bit of my why behind it all with supplies.

Times have been tough- so we planned to close- but something in me isn't done yet. We have decided to finish off selling what we have to customers rather than a company right now. (I want the diy supplies to reach those that need the boost)

So Ash is back with supplies- even if not forever- for now. with a renewed sense of what is important and the why behind it all.

I heard once a dream isn't just born- its reborn. Supplies were once a dream.. and for some reason God brought them back to me.

So He must not be finished with them yet.


Supply Sales will be Sunday nights 6pm cst .

We will carry mystery items, cases, and packages on the site but the only way to get ASHLEE FAY glitter will be to join the live sale on