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Live Sales are where you will find the single glitters, deals, and have a ton of fun! Each live sale you will be able to claim items and they will be added to a bin with a number unique to you for that day. Invoices will go out each night and must be paid before noon the following day.

Live sales are every other Sunday at 6pm cst on

After you have received your bin number for the live sales (change weekly) please click the button fill out the form so we can invoice you!

FORM for AFTER live sale here

Supplies with a Purpose

AFD believes in making an impact, thats why our supplies are named with motivational, inspirational of faith based words to remind you that You are enough! You are Worthy! You are limitless! And we are praying over you and YOUR BUSINESS. Because God wants us to live with abundance and then to help others. Thats what AFD is about! Helping and making an impact!

Collaboration over Competition.

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Why shop AFD???

  • Meet Ashlee

    Ashlee started her business on a day when she found -$54 in her checking account. After Praying she decided to go all in on making and selling her tumblers. That business transformed into her selling DIY supplies and teaching other women how she went live to sell her products.

    She now does speaking events around the country and coaching to help women realize their worth and go all in.

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  • Its a Family Biz

    The Branstetter family is a military family working to fulfill their purpose in life. They are adamant about living their mission. Everything they do has a purpose- even glitter! They not only named the glitter with inspiring names but they also PRAY over ever box before it leaves their house.

    Everyone joins in to help on the mission to serve in every area possible.

  • Embrace Your Ambition

    EYA is a movement taking the world by storm. Ashlee is the co-visionary with Marcus Black. She had the God- dream of EYA events and missions placed on her heart in 2020. Today they travel the world speaking, doing events, doing mission trips, teaching and coaching. The Movement is about unleashing hope and helping people to break the barriers thats holding them back.

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